Nuclear Power Is Safer Than Wind and Solar | James Walker

The Jordan B. Peterson PodcastMay 9, 2024

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with nuclear physicist and CEO of Nano Nuclear, James Walker. They discuss why nuclear power is continuously sidelined for less efficient, less safe forms of power, the change from civic — massive — reactors to truck-sized units, the refinement process of uranium, and the true environmental cost of mass poverty.

James Walker is a nuclear physicist and was the project lead and manager for constructing the new Rolls-Royce Nuclear Chemical Plant; he was the UK Subject Matter Expert for the UK Nuclear Material Recovery Capabilities and the technical project manager for constructing the UK reactor core manufacturing facilities. Walker’s professional engineering experience includes nuclear reactors, mines, submarines, chemical plants, factories, mine processing facilities, infrastructure, automotive machinery, and testing rigs. He has executive experience in several public companies, as well as acquiring and redeveloping the only fluorspar mine in the United States.

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