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More Trash. Was THIS The Beginning Of H*e Culture?

Candace OwensFeb 6, 2024

Today we are taking a walk down memory lane to examine the "movement" that encouraged our media to praise and revere hoe culture. Plus, Buckingham Palace dropped the shock announcement that King Charles has cancer and in the wake of this sad news, I have some advice for Meghan Markle. And, The Simpsons accurately predicted our dystopian future yet again with the release of the Apple Vision Pro glasses.

12:49 - *** CORRECTION*** These two lines of bio should be attributed to Sonya JF Barnett, not Heather Jarvis:
“In 2009, she founded The Keyhole Sessions as a safe and welcoming community for artists to experience the marriage between sex and art.”
“An activist and advocate for sex positivity, she's got a clean conscience, but a filthy mind.”

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