Separating Good from Evil in the British Empire | Dr. Nigel Biggar

The Jordan B. Peterson PodcastMay 22, 2023

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. Nigel Biggar break down his new publication, “Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning,” and parse out the truths and falsehoods from the modern day revisionist movement. They explore the ethics of imperialism, the motivations for the British colonies, their role in the slave trade, bringing modernity to much of the world, and looking back on history with a balanced lens.

Dr. Nigel Biggar is a prominent British theologian, academic and author. He is known for his work in the fields of ethics, philosophy, and theology, particularly in the context of war, peace, and historical reverence. Biggar has made significant contributions to the study of Christian ethics and has written extensively on topics such as “just war theory,” moral responsibility, and the role of forgiveness in conflict resolution. He has been involved in various academic institutions, including the University of Oxford, where he held the Regius Professorship of Moral and Pastoral Theology.

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For Dr. Nigel Biggar:

Regius Professor Emeritus of Moral Theology and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford:

Director, McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics, and Public Life:

Author of Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning (HarperCollins, 2022):

What’s Wrong with Rights? (Oxford University Press, 2020):

Between Kin and Cosmopolis: An Ethic of the Nation (Wipf & Stock; James Clarke, 2014):;

In Defence of War (Oxford University Press, 2013, 2014):

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