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How To Get a Country Out of Debt | John Anderson

The Jordan B. Peterson PodcastDec 12, 2022

Dr Jordan B Peterson and John Anderson discuss the impressive erasure of Australia’s federal debt during Anderson’s employment as Deputy Prime Minister. They also go into the importance of economic reform, the regression in progress seen through the lens of climate change, the spirit of democracy, and the inherent worth of man.

John Anderson is a sixth-generation farmer and grazier from New South Wales, Australia, who spent 19 years from 1989 in Parliament. He served as a senior Cabinet minister in the reformist government led by John Howard (1996 to 2005), one of the most successful governments in Australian parliamentary history. This included six years as Leader of the National Party and Deputy Prime Minister. Despite no longer holding office, Anderson continues to serve the interests of Australia's rural and regional communities. In 2018, Anderson started an intellectual talk show/podcast hybrid, “Conversations with John Anderson,” that seeks out thought leaders from around the world to discuss and debate hard and necessary topics.

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