Exodus with Jordan Peterson | Official Trailer

ExodusNov 23, 2022

In this powerful follow up to Peterson’s wildly popular lecture series on Genesis—viewed by over 40 million people and counting—this deep dive on the book of Exodus takes viewers on an intellectual and philosophical journey that will educate and enlighten believers and nonbelievers alike on universal topics like faith, freedom, ethics, morality, politics, and more.

Some view the old testament as being just that. Old. Full of genealogies and ancient history. The reality is the books contained in the Old Testament, the ones that make up the Torah, are as relevant today as they were when they were written.

Jordan is joined by Dennis Prager, author of The Rational Bible series and co-founder of PragerU; Dr. Douglas Hedley, professor of the Philosophy of Religion, Cambridge University; Dr. Os Guinness, English author and social critic; Dr. James Orr, assistant professor of Philosophy of Religion, Cambridge; Dr. Stephen Blackwood, president of Ralston College; Gregg Hurwitz, novelist, screenwriter, and comic book creator; and Jonathan Pageau, Christian thinker and artist.

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