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Ep. 976 - Healing Racial Trauma With A 25-Foot Afro Pick

The Matt Walsh ShowJun 21, 2022

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, why did the city of New Orleans put a giant two story tall hair pick right outside city hall to honor Juneteenth? We’ll discuss. Also, the Washington Post profiles a young mother of twins in an effort to prove why abortion is good and necessary, but accidentally proves the opposite. Feminist Megan Rapino has a message for female athletes: stop complaining and just let males take over your support. That’s girl power for you, I guess. Plus, the airline industry comes up with a new and horrifying way to make your flying experience even more miserable. And in our Daily Cancellation, UC Irvine comes up with a new inclusive spelling of the word “woman,” but then worries that it’s not inclusive enough. This story is so insane that you’ll think I’m making it up, but I’m not. 

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