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Ep. 971 - The System Is Run By Perverts And Degenerates

The Matt Walsh ShowJun 14, 2022

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Christina Aguilera performs in a “family friendly concert” with a strap on dildo. This is just one example of extreme, over the top debauchery and degeneracy being totally normalized and institutionalized in our culture. We’re going to talk about where it all leads, and what we can do about it. Also, Karen Jean Pierre laughs off any concerns about her boss’s senility. The White House meets with Defund the Police advocates as crime ravages communities across the country. A twitter thread goes viral detailing the horrifying reality of “gender affirming surgeries.” And in our Daily Cancellation, Lizzo is forced to issue an apology and change and reissue her latest single due to controversy over the language in the song. But you’ll never guess which word has people so upset.

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