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Ep. 864 - My Heroic Battle With Omicron 

The Matt Walsh ShowJan 3, 2022

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, lots of COVID “misinformation” has suddenly become “information” because Fauci and the media are saying it. We’ll talk about that miraculous transformation today. And I’ll tell you all about my own harrowing encounter with the dreaded Omnicorn variant. But Twitter has ramped up its censorship campaign against COVID heretics, even as many of their claims have been proven true. Also, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says that all of her critics really just want to date her. The Left uncovers a shocking truth about Ron DeSantis.  And in our daily cancellation, we’ll deal with the Atlantic writer who blew up her marriage because she was bored and believes that she has discovered deep truths about life from the experience.  

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