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Ep. 847 - I Now Identify As A Bestselling Children’s Author

The Matt Walsh ShowNov 30, 2021

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, I am now a children’s author. My book went on sale yesterday, and it’s already making some people very upset. I’ll explain why today. Also, Joe Biden gives a press conference about the dreaded super mega turbo omicron variant. Lauren Boebert and Ilhan Omar attempt to patch up their differences over a phone call and it doesn’t go well. Chris Cuomo finds himself in another scandal involving his brother. The trial of Kim Potter, the officer who accidentally shot Daunte Wright, begins. Most people on both the left and right seem to think she deserves jail time. I disagree and I’ll explain why. And we take a look at a gender studies masters thesis. You might expect it to be totally delusional and insane. And you’re right. But it’s even worse than you imagine. 

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