Ep. 840 - The Conspiracy Against Kyle Rittenhouse

The Matt Walsh ShowNov 16th, 2021

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the prosecutors in the Kyle Rittenhouse case make their closing arguments in their case against self-defense and the Second Amendment. We’ll take a look at the closing arguments, and we’ll trace this case all the way back to where it all really started. Also, Rep. Cori Bush claims that armed white supremacists shot at her. There is absolutely no evidence of this, of course. And Beto O’Rourke runs for governor. Plus, a city in Michigan elects an all-Muslim city council. The media says this is a great example of “racial diversity.” There are a number of problems with that claim. We’ll discuss. And a feminist author says that many women deeply regret having children and getting married. Is that true or just wishful thinking on her part? 

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Ep. 840 - The Conspiracy Against Kyle Rittenhouse