Ep. 777 - A More Diverse And Inclusive Taliban

The Matt Walsh ShowAug 17, 2021

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, it could be a Babylon Bee headline, but it is tragically real: the State Department issued a statement yesterday calling for the Taliban to be “inclusive” and “representative.” Our country is run by people who are completely out of touch with all semblance of reality. We cannot hope to solve Afghanistan’s problems if we cannot solve that problem. Also, Joe Biden makes his excuses in a speech yesterday. He’s been roundly panned for the speech, and for good reason, but was he actually right about some of what he said? We’ll discuss. And the governor of Tennessee tells the state’s public schools that they cannot issue mask mandates. Nashville schools do it anyway. And in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll talk about Lizzo’s claims that her critics are fat phobic, sexist, and racist.  

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