Ep. 590 - If You Elect Democrats, You Get The Chaos You Deserve

The Matt Walsh Show|Oct 28th, 2020

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, rioting raged in Philadelphia for a second night, and spread to New York, DC, and elsewhere. As usual, the Democrat leaders of these cities did almost nothing to stop it. This is what you get from Democrats: they sit and watch while their cities burn. Also, the “victim” of the police shooting that sparked the riots has a lengthy criminal record, including a horrible crime against a woman. He is not the only BLM martyr in the last few months to have a history of abusing women. Why is that BLM celebrates and canonizes men like this? And in our Five Headlines, an explosive Tucker Carlson interview with the man blowing the whistle on Biden family corruption. And for our Daily Cancellation, in perhaps my most deserved and necessary cancellation yet, I will be cancelling dancing.