Ep. 1373 - Why The Modern Dating Scene Is A Nightmare

The Matt Walsh ShowMay 22, 2024

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the most popular genre of viral video recently has been videos of women complaining that they can't find a good man. Many single men, in turn, have the same complaint going the other direction. The inability of young people to successfully match up and get married has become a full on crisis in our culture. What's the cause of it, and how do we fix it? We'll discuss. Also, illegal immigrants have announced their preference for the 2024 election: they want anyone but Trump. Which is all the more reason why it needs to be Trump. A federal court rules that parents don't have the right to opt their children out of gender ideology indoctrination sessions. And today is the day when I do the unthinkable: defend people who do yoga.

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