Ep. 1313 - The Reparations Grift Is Finally Collapsing

The Matt Walsh ShowFeb 12, 2024

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the slavery reparations grift was gaining momentum for a while after George Floyd's overdose, but now the whole thing is collapsing. In fact, the race hustle scam in general seems to be falling apart. We'll discuss. Also, Biden couldn't sit for an interview before the Super Bowl, because he's a mentally handicapped vegetable, but he did put out a video complaining that there aren't enough chips in his chip bag. And trans activists in Florida stage a "die in." What is that and what are they crying about this time? We'll find out. Finally, a Christian organization spends tens of millions of dollars on a Super Bowl ad that is sure to do a lot more harm than good. We'll talk about all of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show.

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