Ep. 127 - Matt Taibbi

The Sunday SpecialJun 26, 2022

Matt Taibbi is a liberal journalist covering finance, sports, political campaigns, international news, and more, from a subjective– often satirical– style that’s done quite well for him. But as we’ve seen, the Left has now fractured - castigating liberals like Matt who don’t accept their orthodoxy without question.

In 2020, Matt announced the majority of his work would no longer be published at Rolling Stone after 15 years with the publication. He planted his flag at Substack to continue journalism independently. In this episode, we discuss what’s left for liberalism and journalism today, plus some stories from his time on presidential campaign trails, and what happened after he reviewed Matt Walsh’s movie “What Is A Woman?”.

Check out the Daily Wire exclusive bonus questions at 01:01:14!

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