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Ep. 1115 - Stop Sacrificing Truth On The Altar Of Nice 

The Matt Walsh ShowFeb 16, 2023

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, lots of people are very upset because of some things I said on this show about the trans tik tok personality Dylan Mulvaney. Even conservatives are claiming that I need to be nicer and more gentle in dealing with the trans agenda. Today I'll explain why the people making this claim are horrifically stupid and wrong. Also, 200 journalists write a scathing letter to the New York Times, complaining about all of its "anti-trans" coverage. What does it tell us that even the New York Times can be considered anti-trans? Plus, Don Lemon tries to criticize Nikki Haley but does it in a way that even manages to upset his leftist co-hosts. In our Daily Cancellation, a left wing magazine has taken a crack at answering the question of our time. We'll see how they did.

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