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Ep. 1105 - Blue States Become Sanctuaries For Child Mutilation 

The Matt Walsh ShowFeb 2, 2023

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as red states move to ban the procedures, states like Minnesota are passing legislating to declare themselves “sanctuaries” for child mutilation. One father of a “trans” six year old testified in favor of the bill. His testimony is being hailed as “heroic” and “beautiful” by the Left, but I have a different take. Also, the College Board makes changes to its AP African American studies course after pushback from conservatives. A BBC correspondent celebrates the “beautiful piece of hand luggage” (i.e. a baby) that he had via the womb he rented. Vegan activists hatch a disastrous plan to shut down a slaughterhouse. In our Daily Cancellation, we explore the depressing world of “divorce coaches.”

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