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Ep. 1099 - They Want You To Be Fat, Poor, Dumb And Helpless 

The Matt Walsh ShowJan 24, 2023

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Biden Administration has hired an "obesity expert" to help craft new dietary guidelines. This "expert" says that obesity is a brain disease and there is almost nothing you can do to stop yourself from becoming fat. This is ridiculous, but it's part of a larger and more nefarious agenda, which we'll discuss today. Also, the media launches a campaign against "assault pistols." A teen girl is sexually harassed by a man in the women's locker room at the YMCA. Now the harasser is speaking out to defend himself, and somehow I do not find his arguments persuasive. Plus, a famous track star claims racism and sexism after getting kicked off of a plane. Is she really a victim or just another cry bully brat?

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