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Childhood Trauma, Marriage, and Making Friends | Dr. John Delony

The Jordan B. Peterson PodcastNov 21, 2022

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. John Delony discuss the destitution of loneliness, the salvation in connection, how to strengthen ties through listening, and why you should stop ignoring your flaws.
Dr. John Delony is a bestselling author, mental health expert, and host of The Dr. John Delony Show. This caller-driven show offers real people a chance to be heard as they struggle with relationship issues and mental health challenges. John gives practical advice on how to connect with people, how to take the next right step, and how to cut through the depression and anxiety that can feel so overwhelming. Delony has two PhDs and over two decades of experience in counseling, crisis response, and higher education. In 2020 Delony joined Ramsey Solutions, a powerhouse multi-media company that brings together top minds in topics such as finance, real estate, mental health, and overall well being. Through their platform they produce shows, lectures, events, documentaries, books, and more.

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