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Deeper Yet Into The Weeds: Pageau, Vervaeke, Peterson

The Jordan B. Peterson PodcastAug 8, 2022

This was the first time that Jonathan Pagaeu, John Vervaeke, and Jordan Peterson all sat down together in person. Recorded in Dr. Peterson’s home, and prominently featuring many of Kwakwakaʼwakw carver Charles Joseph’s incredible statues and carvings, this recording may require a few complete watchthroughs. The conversation was created to intentionally dive deep into the areas of systems of perception and their impacts on our abilities to prioritize, the nature of YHWH (Judeo-Christian God), and the exploration of the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. This conversation is only the beginning of many more conversations to have between these three and on these topics. Please comment any insights that you have derived from this video, my team will be paying close attention to the progress on these ideas.

Jonathan Pageau is a symbolic thinker, YouTuber, and class carver of orthodox icons. Jordan and Jonathan have an ongoing dialogue surrounding Judeo-Christian narrative, reality, and symbolism among many other topics.

John Vervaeke is an Assistant Professor in Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto. His work constructs a bridge between science and spirituality in order to understand the experience of meaningfulness and the cultivation of wisdom so as to afford awakening from the meaning crisis.

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