Annabella Rockwell: I Entered College Happy. I Left Angry.

PragerU Stories of UsAug 22, 2023

Annabella Rockwell was raised in an America-loving home but became indoctrinated with leftist ideology when she went away to college. As the Judeo-Christian values she grew up with were replaced with radical ideas about victimhood, oppression, and gender inequality, Annabella began to alienate her close friends and family. But in the summer of 2020, as riots broke out and cities burned across the country, Annabella saw the hypocrisy of her new worldview and sought out a different perspective. That’s when she stumbled on a PragerU video and realized she had been brainwashed. After discovering the truth, Annabella is now a happy, healthy, and proud patriot in the conservative movement.

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