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AI: The Beast or Jerusalem? | Jonathan Pageau & Jim Keller

The Jordan B. Peterson PodcastNov 23, 2022

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Jonathan Pageau, and Jim Keller dive into the world of artificial intelligence, debating the pros and cons of technological achievement, and ascertaining whether smarter tech is something to fear or encourage.
Jim Keller is a microprocessor engineer known for his work at Apple and AMD. He has served in the role of architect for numerous game changing processors, has co-authored multiple instruction sets for highly complicated designs, and is credited for being the key player behind AMD’s renewed ability to compete with Intel in the high-end CPU market. In 2016, Keller joined Tesla, becoming Vice President of Autopilot Hardware Engineering. In 2018, he became a Senior Vice President for Intel. In 2020, he resigned due to disagreements over outsourcing production, but quickly found a new position at Tenstorrent, as Chief Technical Officer.
Jonathan Pageau is a French-Canadian liturgical artist and icon carver, known for his work featured in museums across the world. He carves Eastern Orthodox and other traditional images, and teaches an online carving class. He also runs a YouTube channel dedicated to the exploration of symbolism across history and religion.

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