A Shot in the Dark Official Trailer

A Shot in the DarkMay 11, 2023

Candace Owens is back with a new weekly show called A Shot In The Dark that pulls no punches when it comes to breaking narratives. Whether it’s Big Pharma’s vaccines, corruption in the food industry, or exploitation of kids for money on social media, there's an accepted narrative. But existing data can sometimes come into conflict with the narrative.

For instance:

The increased number of childhood vaccines should be making us healthier. But in 2019, the US ranked 24th out of 44 countries in infant mortality.

While the CDC claims Vitamin K isn’t carcinogenic, the FDA states that no studies have been done to show one way or the other.

Candace Owens uses mainstream sources to question the narrative, and recommends you do the same. Become a DailyWire+ member to watch A Shot In The Dark.

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