Ep. 582 - Leftism Is Indistinguishable From Insanity

The Matt Walsh Show|Oct 14th, 2020

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, desperate Democrats, grasping for any reason to hate Amy Coney Barrett, have now decided that her use of the term “sexual preference” is offensive and horrible. The entire Left decided in the span of 24 hours that this term is offensive. We’ll talk about the implications of living in a culture where words change meanings so quickly, and also why the Left’s theory of sexual orientation completely contradicts their theories of gender. Also Five Headlines including a new Biden ad reaching out to black voters that is, without exaggeration, the most patronizing and degrading political ad I’ve ever seen. And in our Daily Cancellation, the NBA is cancelled. Not just by me. This is a decision we all have made, and for good reason.