Jewish Organization's Huge Day Of Unity On Tuesday

Against the backdrop of an increasingly polarized political landscape, one organization is issuing a clarion call for collective unity and understanding. On Tuesday, Acheinu, a Jewish missionary group working to draw Jews closer to the traditional core of Judaism, is holding a Day of Jewish Unity to consolidate the disparate voices of the diaspora in a seven-hour period (7 am- 2pm) of sober reflection.

“Orchestrated by the Acheinu organization, the Day of Jewish Unity was born: a revolutionary initiative designed to unify all Jewish people from around the world in a day of prayer on behalf of the current -and cautioning – state of affairs, both nationally and internationally,” explains the event’s webpage.

Under the hashtag #DayofJewishUnity, Acheinu is working to mobilize one million Jews of varied ideological orientations from around the world to take a step back and reexamine the often petty and disorienting political divisions that divide us. The event is open to people of all faiths, but Acheinu is specifically marketing its message to Jews, many of whom have felt marginalized or overshadowed by the forceful social currents of grievance-based identity politics.

Watch Acheinu’s promotional video below:

In previous years, the annual Day of Jewish Unity has galvanized hundreds of thousands of people from Jerusalem to New York City, thanks to Acheinu’s powerful videos and promotional material. In fact, the organization drew a record-setting 500,000 participants in the 2015 event. This year, they plan on doubling that.

As Americans, and quite frankly, people across the world, set to watch what will likely be one of the most cynical and rancorous debates in modern history on Monday night, it’s worth remembering that tribalism and partisanship don’t have to define us.

“There is no civility in politics anymore. Our politicians cannot get anything passed because of so much animosity,” notes the event’s webpage. adding:

We need to have bipartisan decency and respect for our counterparts. There once was a time when members of Congress would call their colleagues from the other side of the aisle their "friends." This year, the Presidential candidates didn't even congratulate each other after they won their respective races.

Purposely scheduled less than 24 hours after the Clinton-Trump showdown, the Day of Jewish Unity is designed to counter the scourge of bitter political division infecting public discourse.

If you’re feeling jaded after Monday’s debate, then there may be an outlet or perhaps even a way to reinstate your faith in humanity. To partake in Tuesday’s Day of Jewish Unity, Acheinu is asking event participants to do two simple things:

  1. Recite two chapters of Psalms

  2. Refrain from speaking gossip and harmful speech

For more information about the event, see here.


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