Shapiro Schools Student on Abortion. Again.

“The morality of abortion does not change based on need,” said The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro, replying to a female university student's question on the morality of abortion for pregnancies resulting from rape.

Shapiro was invited to consider a hypothetical scenario of a rape-induced pregnancy during a Q & A session following a March 15 lecture at the University of Redlands in California.

“The abortion argument really comes down to: Do you think this is a life, or not? If you don’t think it’s a life, you can do whatever you want with it. If you do think it’s a life, you can’t do anything with it,” added Shapiro.

“The solution to something horrible happening is not another horrible thing happening in the killing of a baby, which I think is actually horrible,” said Shapiro.

Shapiro accurately assumed that the student questioning him supports wholesale lawful access to abortion for any reason, despite inquiring about exceptional cases of pregnancies resulting from rape:

SHAPIRO: It’s really not good to take the marginal case and then use that argue broad. So what people tend to do is they say, what about the girl who’s raped? What about her abortion case? So now let me ask you, if the girl weren’t raped, and she just got pregnant, would you think that she should still have access to abortion?

FEMALE STUDENT: I do because I think it’s her body and I think it’s her health.

SHAPIRO: Right, so you’re giving me an exceptional case in order to prove a rule that you don’t actually want to defend. If you just come up and ask me do I think a woman should have an abortion, then we could actually have an argument or discussion about in what cases an abortion is appropriate, but this is what people on the pro-choice side, the anti-life side, actually do. What they actually do is take the marginal case, they take the raped, you know, the woman who has a severe disability and they say, ‘This is all abortions.’ That’s not all abortions. Significantly less than one percent of all abortions are performed on women who’ve been raped … Let’s talk about the other ninety-nine percent of cases. When you are willing to agree with me that the other ninety-nine percent of cases are not cases where abortion should be necessary, then I’m willing to have a discussion with you about compromise. But I don’t think that’s what you want. I think that you’re just using the exceptional case in order to try and guilt me into supporting a broad-based abortion platform.

In instances where a pregnant woman’s life would be threatened by carrying an unborn child to term, Shapiro noted that the mother’s life takes priority over the unborn child:

In a case where the baby threatens the life of the mother, like for example, you have a case where a woman has actual breast cancer and she needs chemotherapy and she’s pregnant, but the chemotherapy will abort the baby - which actually does happen, right? - that is a case where the mother should, I think, be able to get the treatment. That’s not the same thing as an abortion. It’s actually treating the mother for what she’s got and the byproduct is that the baby is terminated, the baby is killed.

Asked by the female student if he had donated to Planned Parenthood, Shapiro described the taxpayer-funded and Democrat-aligned abortion provider as a "baby genocidal organization."

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