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You’ll Never Guess Who British GQ Made ‘Politician Of The Year’

By  Hank Berrien

British GQ decided to ignore reality when they announced their “Politician of the Year” award on Tuesday.

And the winner was:

Yup, the dapper mayor of London was chosen as the politician most worthy of admiration. This, despite the evidence:

Khan cheered the ban on using the phrase “Ladies and gentlemen,” arguing that he was “keen that [Transport for London] addresses these concerns by speaking in a more neutral way when referring to gender.”

Khan told the Evening Standard in 2016 that terror attacks were “part and parcel of life in a big city.”

Also in 2016, he wrote, “Climate change is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, risk to London.”

Which flies in the face of this: There have been over 1,800 reported acid attacks in London since 2010.

Khan also pusillanimously avoided banning the Al-Quds march in London this summer, despite the fact that protesters had waved the flags of Hamas and Hezbollah, and Hezbollah’s armed wing is proscribed as a terror organization.

If being non-confrontational and flaccid rather than strong in the face of terrorism is your metric for great politicians, then Khan is your guy.

This is GQ, after all, the home of the metrosexual male.

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