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You’ll Never Guess What Image Iran Used As Target Site For Missile Test

For those who twist themselves into knots saying the theocratic regime of Iran really doesn’t want to use its nuclear ambitions to destroy the Jewish state of Israel, how much proof do you need?

On Wednesday, Israel distributed to the U.N. Security Council some satellite images of an Iranian target site for a missile test in 2016. The target was….

A Star of David.

The images show the impact crater next to the symbol of the Jewish nation.

Danny Danon, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, stated:

This use of the Star of David as target practice is hateful and unacceptable. The missile launch is not only a direct violation of UNSCR 2231, but is also a clear evidence of Iran’s continued intention to harm the State of Israel … the targeting of a sacred symbol of Judaism is abhorrent. It is the Iranians who prop up the Assad regime as hundreds of thousands are killed, finance the terrorists of Hezbollah as they threaten the citizens of Israel, and support extremists and tyrants throughout the Middle East and around the world.

In June, after Iran fired missiles at Islamic State positions in the first missile attack by Iran outside its own territory in 30 years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned, “I have one message for Iran: Don’t threaten Israel.” In March 2016, Iran test-fired two ballistic missiles; an Iranian news agency said they were emblazoned with the caption, “Israel must be wiped out.”

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