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Where Are All The Actual Catholics?

By  Carlos Flores

In disturbing news, Canada recently elected a new government. At the helm of the new government as Prime Minister is far-left-leaning Justin Trudeau. As Trudeau’s new position thrusts him in the limelight, unpleasant facts about him are beginning to come to people’s attention.

Given his political and moral leanings, it is unsurprising to find out, for example, that Trudeau: supports unlimited abortions up to birth and believes that abortion is a guaranteed Canadian Charter “right” (it’s not); has promised to fund abortions in poorer countries (because nothing says “we’d like to help you and address your poverty” by dismembering en masse a population’s unborn children); believes that those with completely reasonable ethical and religious objections to being complicit in abortion should just shut the hell up; and vehemently supports same-sex “marriage” and pushing homosexuality, ‘transgenderism’ and other pernicious perversions down everyone’s throat.

In fact, Trudeau is so enamored with abortion, same-sex “marriage” and homosexuality that in his recently-released memoir he writes that such things are “core principles” to him. In an another unsurprising twist, however, it turns out that, in the very same memoir, he describes himself as a “Catholic.”

What is so maddening about this is precisely that it is not surprising to find that a person who deigns to call himself a “Catholic” has views that are morally repugnant and utterly antithetical to the teachings of the Catholic Church. In describing himself as a “Catholic,” Trudeau joins other paragons of virtue and rectitude that dare call themselves “Catholics” but then go on to openly undermine everything that the Catholic Church stands for—sometimes even in the name of Catholicism!

People like the nauseatingly wicked Nancy Pelosi, who has the temerity of, in effect, inviting God to smite her for disgustingly proclaiming herself a “devout Catholic,” all the while worshiping at the altar of “sexual freedom,” fouled as it is by the bloody remains of mountains of millions of dismembered unborn and even just-born children, and regularly celebrating and asking for the intercession of abortion’s most holy anti-saints—abortionists, Planned Parenthood employees and such—and proclaiming the glory of abortion’s demonic head priestess, Cecile Richards.

The Catholic Church clearly and unequivocally condemns the activities that they have championed—and indeed have, in many cases, made careers championing—and to that extent they are not only revealing themselves as liars, but are also acting against the good and imperiling their own souls.

There is also, for example, the “Catholic” Anthony Kennedy (and, let it not be omitted, the “Catholic” Sonia Sotomayor), who saw fit to violate the Constitution and to usurp the democratic-legislative power of the people as a means of enshrining sodomy into law vis-à-vis the Obergefell same-sex “marriage” diktat. A helpful “Catholic,” Kennedy, in so doing, enshrined into law a mistaken view of marriage and the human person that is bound to undermine the norms of permanence, sexual exclusivity and monogamy that are so indispensible for the common good and also guaranteed that millions of actual Catholics with perfectly reasonable objections to sodomy and same-sex “marriage” will face legal and societal abuse and persecution from the state and whose religious liberty rights will be smothered.

Here is an inconvenient dose of reality for such people: the Catholic Church clearly and unequivocally condemns the activities that they have championed—and indeed have, in many cases, made careers championing—and to that extent they are not only revealing themselves as liars, but are also acting against the good and imperiling their own souls.

Surely to the consternation of abortion apologist Nancy Pelosi, for example, the Catholic Church unequivocally condemns abortion as always and everywhere wrong:

Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law.

And it cannot be said, as surely many on the left will want say—indeed as even Nancy Pelosi the “devout Catholic” might say—that it is only Bible passages that can justify believing that abortion is wrong.

This has the unfortunate occasion of being completely wrong. That abortion is wrong is something that is ascertainable by practical reason wholly unaided by a theological premise of any sort—indeed, this is what the Catholic Church has always claimed: that what is good and bad is made evident by natural law—facts about human nature or practical reason wholly unaided by revealed theology.

It is practical reason, after all, that tells us that it is always and everywhere impermissible to intentionally kill innocent human beings. And it is science that tells us that the unborn is a human being. Thus there is no need for a premise with a Bible passage or a theological doctrine to derive the conclusion that abortion is impermissible. Reason and moral teaching coincide harmoniously.

On homosexuality and marriage, the Catholic Church is once again perfectly clear: marriage, insofar as it is a conjugal union of spouses, is and can only be between opposite-sex pairs and sodomy is disordered to the extent that it fails to conform to teleological facts about human nature or otherwise fails to instantiate a marital good.

And again it cannot be said that it is only Bible passages that can justify believing that marriage is between a man and a woman or that sodomitical acts are impermissible. Only if marriage involves sexual complementary can one explain the norms attendant upon marriage—permanence, sexual exclusivity, and monogamy, among others.

If, for example, marriage really just is a loving commitment between persons, as supporters of same-sex “marriage” suggest, then, because more than two people can be in a loving commitment with one another, there is no reason to think that marriage need be between two people and not more.

If marriage is just a loving commitment, then there is also no reason of principle for it to be permanent instead of lasting for as long as the love lasts. And if a loving commitment can be strengthened, as some supporters of same-sex “marriage” have argued, if it is sexually “open,” then there is no reason of principle for why sexual exclusivity need be required. And if marriage really is just about a loving commitment between persons, then why does the state regulate marriage? Why should the state care, for example, whether Fred loves Susan or whether Joe loves Steve? (Hint: the state doesn’t care about that, hence the efforts to try to privatize marriage.)

On the other hand, the conjugal account of marriage can perfectly account for every single one of these norms. And yet by abandoning these norms we can expect to continue headlong in an even quicker pace into our societal descent—more divorces, higher rates of single-motherhood, higher rates of abortion, etc. and millions of wounded children in the process.

And if we take seriously facts about human nature and the ends which are fulfilling of it or the nature of practical reason and basic goods which it grasps as fundamental reasons for action, then one can give perfectly secular reasons, as some have indeed done, for why sodomitical acts are impermissible. Again there is no need here for Bible verses or anything of the sort to derive this conclusion; reason itself reveals that such actions are impermissible and that marriage is of necessity conjugal and so only possible between a man and a woman.

The evidence is overwhelming, then, that Trudeau, Pelosi, Kennedy, et al., are not Catholics in any sense of the word and demonstrably so, busy as they are nevertheless proclaiming otherwise. If these people are not atheists in the sense of believing that God does not exist, they are certainly atheists in a sense that Plato describes: believing that there is a god but that god makes no moral demands of us and wants us to fulfill our desires.

God, on this view, is like a cosmic version of the modern progressive-hippie who happens to have superpowers and that every once in a while sends a hipster prophet to say something deep to humankind about—you guessed it—wealth redistribution (perhaps sometimes with the strategic use of hashtags) and who “doesn’t judge” our sexual decisions, no matter how disordered or perverted they might be. In fact, this god tells us to “embrace them” and parade them down the street! After all, this faux god might add, “I made you this way, man!”

This indeed is a dangerous and false form of atheism and it is one that we should wholeheartedly oppose. And that begins by calling out public persons who call themselves Catholics but whose words and actions reveal themselves to be opponents of the Catholic Church and of what is good and true.

People like Trudeau, Pelosi and Kennedy demonstrably do not worship at the altar of the Catholic Church; they worship at the altar of a radical, inhumane and evil sexual ideology that has produced forth millions of casualties and many more millions of broken people and shows no signs of stopping. They should own up to that and take their Catholic masks off.

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