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‘What the F*ck Is That?’ — Democratic Potty Mouth Streak Marches On

By  John Nolte

Kamala Harris, the brilliant Senator from California (naturally) who recently claimed 129 million Americans have a pre-existing condition (they don’t, not even close), is now the latest Democrat to believe hurling swear words at Republicans is the secret sauce to winning back voters. The Washington Free Beacon reports that at a recent public event in San Francisco, Harris said, “Like this guy, this congressman, you might as well say, ‘People don’t starve because they don’t have food.’ What the f**k is that?”

This comes just one week after left-wing darling Stephen Colbert used his perch on the CBS Late Show to declare President Trump’s mouth a “c**k holster” for Vladmir Putin.

And it is not just left-wing entertainers going the full-potty mouth. Tom Perez, President Barry’s former Labor Secretary and the new chairman of the Democrat National Committee, has made cussing at Republicans something of a signature:

Last weekend, on a stage in Las Vegas – with children behind him, no less –Perez said Trump “doesn’t give a shit about health care.” In Portland, Maine, he said Trump’s new spending blueprint is “a shitty budget.” In New Jersey, he said Republicans “don’t give a shit about people.”

There is even a DNC t-shirt you can purchase (for $30) that screams, “Democrats Give a Sh*t About People.”Another reads, “Taking away health care from 24 million people is going low. Giving a shit about people is going high.”

Oh, okay. I’m sold. ObamaCare is awesome.

Texas Democrat Rep. Beto O’Rourke recently accused Republican Senator Ted Cruz of “sure as shit not serving” the people of Texas.

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand went for the record during an interview that included three F-bombs with a side order of BS.

Certainly politicians, including Republicans, have been caught in hot mic moments letting an F-bomb fly. And in private it is no surprise to discover that Dick Cheney told someone to “go f**k himself.” We don’t expect our leaders to be choir boys.

What is new, brand spanking new, is Democrats consciously using foul language as a cynical strategy to get their message out and to keep their seething base seething against Trump. You cannot fault Democrats for wanting to keep the base stoked. The Party is already in enough in trouble. If they lose their base to apathy, disillusionment or despair, they could be in the minority for generations.

What this swearing game plan does reveal, though, is that Democrats feel as though they are in a very desperate position, one where they have to do this in order to remain relevant. Because openly, intentionally, and belligerently hurling F-bombs does come at a real political cost. Any moral high ground Democrats felt they had against Donald “Bomb the Shit Out Of Isis” Trump is now gone.

Also, to independent voters, this cussing reeks of desperation, of immaturity, and of a Party that is still not ready for primetime, not ready to lead.

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