WATCH: Women Attack Uber Driver For Asking Them To Wear A Mask. One Arrested So Far.
A close-up of an Uber sticker on the side of a car on February 19, 2021 in Cardiff, Wales.
Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Earlier this week, footage from inside an Uber vehicle went viral for showing three women attack the driver after he ended the ride when he noticed one of the passengers wasn’t wearing a mask. The ride took place in San Francisco, which has strict rules about wearing a mask.

Fox News reported that the driver, Subhakar Khadka, picked up three women – 24-year-old Malaysia King, 24-year-old Arna Kimiai, and a third woman – but ended the ride just a few minutes later when he noticed one of the women wasn’t wearing her mask.

Khadka had a camera in his vehicle to film what happened after ending the ride. One of the women swears at and coughs on Khadka before grabbing his cell phone. Khadka managed to get his phone back quickly, and the woman tears his mask off his face while shouting “what you gonna do?” The other two women appear to laugh while this occurs.

The three then get out of the car, but one returns to the vehicle and sprays what police believe is pepper spray in Khadka’s direction through an open window. The three women then fled.

King was arrested by the Las Vegas Police Department on Thursday. Kimiai told the San Francisco Police Department through her attorney that she would soon turn herself in.

“We’re glad to hear that Ms. Kimiai intends to do the right thing and turn herself in to the nearest law enforcement agency, and we hope it happens promptly,” Lt. Tracy McCray, head of the San Francisco Police Department’s Robbery Detail, said in a press release. “The behavior captured on video in this incident showed a callous disregard for the safety and wellbeing of an essential service worker in the midst of a deadly pandemic. We take this conduct very seriously in San Francisco, and we’re committed to ensuring that justice is done in this case.”

King was arrested after she and Kimiai were identified by SFPD’s Robbery Unit. King was charged with assault with a caustic chemical, assault and battery, conspiracy, and violation of the health and safety code, police said.

Khadka spoke to KPIX 5, telling the outlet that he believes he was targeted because he is a South Asian immigrant.

“I never said anything bad to them, I never cursed, I was not raised that way. I don’t hit people, I am not raised that way, so they were not getting out of my car,” he said.

Khadka further told the outlet that when he noticed one of the passengers wasn’t wearing a mask, he asked her to put one on and drove to a nearby gas station where she could purchase one. By the time he arrived at the gas station, the women were already taunting him with racial slurs.

“You guys are animals to treat other human beings like this,” he told the outlet.

He also explained how one of the women pepper sprayed him after leaving the vehicle, forcing him to exit his car because he couldn’t breathe.

Uber told the outlet the woman has been banned from its service. A GoFundMe campaign has also been started to raise money to clean Khadka’s car.

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