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WATCH: Trump Mocks Sen. Feinstein, Crowd Chants A Familiar Phrase

By  James

At a rally in Iowa Tuesday, President Trump had some fun at Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s expense over her much-criticized handling of the uncorroborated allegations against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but the crowd’s reaction is what’s making the headlines.

Trump was on a roll smacking around Democratic senators, including presidential hopefuls Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren. When he took a moment to focus on Feinstein — the ranking Democrat in the Senate Judiciary Committee who held onto the allegations by Christine Blasey Ford for six weeks before handing them over to the FBI just days before the initial planned vote on Kavanaugh — Trump did some of his famous/infamous impersonation work.

“How about Sen. Feinstein? That’s another beauty,” Trump said, the crowd responding with boos and groans. “That’s a beauty!” he repeated (video below).

“Did you leak the documents?” Trump asked, acting out the scene. “Wha, wha, what? No, I didn’t!” said Trump-as-Feinstein. He then imitated her backward glance at her staff. “Did we leak? Did we leak?” he said.

“No! No! No, we didn’t!” he said, turning back to the imagined committee. “No, no. He just said no, we didn’t leak.”

That’s when the “Lock Her Up!” chants began, an echo of the anti-Hillary chants frequently heard back in 2016.

“I think they’re talking about Feinstein!” Trump said in response. “Can you believe that?” he added with a laugh.

He went on to point out that if we’re talking about body language, Feinstein’s was “the worst.”

“In other words, did she leak it? 100 percent!” he said, adding, “No, I don’t want to get sued. 99 percent. See? Now I can’t get sued.”

H/t Daily Mail.

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