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WATCH: Teacher Who Questioned Student Walkout Reveals Something That’s Gonna Give School District A Headache

In an interview Tuesday with Tucker Carlson, Julianne Benzel, an AP American History teacher in Sacramento who was put on paid leave for raising questions about the student gun control walkout, mentioned a development that is sure to stir things up in the district.

After giving Carlson a summary of the rather stunning sequence of events surrounding her temporary suspension and rapid reinstatement, Benzel revealed that a student had decided to test whether or not the school had a “double standard” when it comes to causes it officially endorses. The student has petitioned the school to allow him and others to walk out to protest abortion.

The student’s decision to organize a pro-life walkout was in part inspired by the very question that triggered administrators to initially put Benzel on paid leave. As Benzel described in an interview with The Daily Wire, in her classes on Thursday and Friday before National Walkout Day, Benzel asked her students to consider if it is wise policy for the school to allow students to walk out for a political cause. By backing a gun control demonstration, does the school now have to back a pro-life demonstration? Benzel asked students to consider the ramifications and encouraged them to discuss the issue with their parents.

For that, she was informed just a half-hour before she was going to arrive at school on the morning of the walkout that she had been placed on administrative leave. It wouldn’t be until reporters showed up at her door that afternoon that she would learn why the school had told her to stay home: a couple of students and one parent had complained about her questioning the walkout.

Speaking with Carlson on Tuesday, Benzel said that one of her “very brave” students is now going to find out if the school will allow students to walkout and rally for life like it allowed students to walkout to protest guns. Video below via Fox News:

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