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Watch SJW Woman Berate Lyft Driver Over His Dashboard Hoola Girl Until He Kicks Her Out

Rebel Media commentator Lauren Southern uploaded a video she was anonymously sent showing an insane Social Justice Warrior (redundant) laying into her driver for having a classic dashboard hoola girl displayed in his car.

The “vocal-fried” SJW in question is a woman named Annaliese Nielsen, the founder of “Girls Night In,” a secretive and selective women’s community which she described to ABC News as an exclusive online sorority. Apparently these women enjoy going out, having a few cocktails, and then hunting for males who will undoubtedly offend them in some SJW rage-inducing way.

In the video (below), which she recorded herself, Nielson begins her self-righteous rant on the evils of hoola girl knickknacks by telling the driver, “You thought that was adorable? You didn’t think about the pillaging of the like, continent of Hawaii?”

It only get’s more idiotic from there:

The clip continues with Nielson claiming she’s extremely offended by the doll, calling out the driver’s “white privilege,” and then hilariously threatening the driver that she’s going to do worse than give him a one-star review: she’s going to publish this video on the now defunct Gawker website and ruin his life by turning him into a “meme.”

Eventually another passenger in the car calls Nielson’s over-blown reaction pathetic, which only fires her up more to argue with the driver, calling him a “selfish dumbass idiot.”

Finally, the driver’s patience runs out, he boots her from the car, and speeds away like the Road Runner from Wile E. Coyote.

Nielson has presumably started to realize the error of her ways because she deleted her Twitter account and created a new one under another name. Someone quickly snagged her previous handle and has turned her original page into a glorious parody of her:

The new user even offered Nielson, who goes by @dickyfeynman now, her old page back under one condition:

Exit thought from one of this sweet little lady’s archived tweets: