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WATCH: Russia Destroys ISIS Oil Tankers

As NINE MSN reports, Russia released video of their warplanes destroying over 500 ISIS petrol tankers smuggling oil from Syria to Iraq. The footage above reveals ISIS’ “pipelines on wheels,” or their fuel tanker trucks being targeted and blown up by bombs dropped from Russian planes.

The illegally-sold oil is a major source of income for ISIS. It is estimated that roughly 40,000 barrels of oil are produced within ISIS-held territory every day–making the tankers and refineries prime targets for Russian and U.S. forces alike. (Although the United States has yet to make much of an impact–just last month it was revealed that ISIS makes upwards of £320 million from oil per year “despite the US-led bombing campaign that was meant to break up the insurgency.”)

“In just the first few days, our aviation has destroyed 500 fuel tanker trucks, which greatly reduced illegal oil export capabilities of the militants and, accordingly, their income from oil smuggling,” said Colonel-General Andrey Kartapolov.

It was also reported that leaflets were dropped before the bombings in order to minimize the risks to civilian drivers. The leaflets read: “Warning: Airstrikes are coming. Get away from your oil trucks immediately.”

The video below shows Russian jets smashing ISIS bunkers in their bombing campaign:

And here, MI-24 Attack helicopters can be seen guarding Russia’s main Syrian airbase:

Mirror also reports that Russia recently bombed 206 ISIS targets after Putin confirmed ISIS terrorists blew up a passenger plane mere weeks ago.

Russia has acted swiftly and forcefully–a stark contrast from the weak military action and stringent rules of engagement enacted by the Obama Administration.

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