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WATCH: Reporter Asks Women’s Marchers What They’re Protesting. Things Go Exactly How You’d Expect.

Turns out, the Women’s March has very little to do with actual women’s rights and women’s issues and everything to do with an irrational hatred for President Donald Trump (and, more generally, conservatives).

Street reporter Austen Fletcher, who goes by “Fleccas,” attended the LA Women’s March on Saturday to let the fine folks in genitalia hats explain why they were out protesting. The women and their male “allies” had no clear message, as you might expect, though there was talk of white guilt, a women’s “right” to kill an unborn child up until birth, the widely debunked “gender pay gap,” hatred for President Trump (he’s unqualified because he’s “never been president before”), and signs calling for the murder of Trump and Vice President Pence.

[Sign reads: “Kill Donald Trump Kill Mike Pence, It’s Guillotine Time Bitches!!]

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A lovely group of America’s finest, really.

Missing from these “empowered” women’s mouths were any words about the women currently suffering at the hands of oppressive regimes. One woman, who was holding a sign boasting the famous image of a Muslim woman in an American flag hijab, went as far as to explicitly state that she was not out protesting in solidarity with the women of Iran.

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The young lady next to her — stunningly — pitched a case for the compulsory wearing of the hijab, which only has a bad rap from “white colonists.” Fleccas asked if her sign of the woman in the American flag hijab might be offensive to “Muslim women who are oppressed by the hijab.”

Her answer, I kid you not, went as follows: “So, obviously I’m not Muslim so I feel like I can’t speak for Muslim women, but I did take a Middle Eastern Studies class this past semester, and one of the things I learned is that the hijab really got a negative image from white colonists.”

So much women’s empowerment!