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WATCH: Protesters Target Officers, Residents: ‘I Hope All Your Children Get Raped And Killed’
New York City Police officers detain people during a protest against the Far Right on November 1, 2020, in New York City.
KENA BETANCUR/AFP via Getty Images

Left-wing protesters lashed out at police officers and New York City residents on Sunday night, video shows.

One woman told officers she hopes all their children are “raped and killed,” another man threatened to punch the windows out of a car as the women drove by, and NYPD officers were compared to Nazis.

“I hope ALL of your children get raped and killed,” screamed one woman, identified as Antifa by journalist Drew Hernandez, who consistently reports on left-wing extremism.

“Triggered Antifa rioter spewing vile rhetoric toward NYPD officers,” he detailed.

Donald Trump Jr. responded to the alarming video: “This is what we are up against folks, this is what these people want for America.”

In another video taken during the protesting, Antifa members chanted, “How do you spell NAZI? NYPD!”

A man identified as a Black Lives Matter protester, according to Hernandez, is seen threatening to punch the passenger side window of a woman’s car.

“NYC: A male BLM rioter intimidates and raises his fist threatening to punch a white woman’s window out,” he reported.

As left-wing activists and mainstream politicians echo calls to “defund” the police, officers have become routine targets of harassment and violence in Democrat-controlled cities.

In September, Rochester Police Department (RPD) officers were given permission to cover up their names displayed on their tags to avoid such harassment from left-wing protesters, who were screaming out their home addresses, kids’ names and schools, and making taunting calls to their parents in front of them. The protesters and activists also spread personal information about the cops via social media.

“The past couple of months officers names have been researched by protesters to put personal information out to the public, putting the safety of their families in jeopardy,” said a statement from now-resigned RPD Chief La’Ron Singletary. “Officers have been allowed to remove their name tags in an effort to prevent their personal information from being spread on social media,” he added.

In mid-September, two deputies with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department were shot in an ambush-style attack as they sat in their patrol vehicle near a metro station in Compton, California. The deputies, one male and one female, were both shot “multiple times” by the attacker, as noted by The Daily Wire.

And just last week, 30 officers were injured during attacks from violent anti-police rioters in Philadelphia. At least one officer, a female, was hospitalized with serious injuries. The Daily Wire reported:

The rioters were “throwing rocks and bricks at police” while others were engaged in “looting or vandalizing businesses,” NBC Philadelphia reported. “At least 30 police officers were hurt, police said. One was hospitalized, a 56-year-old sergeant who was struck by a pickup truck at 52nd and Walnut streets early Tuesday. Her leg was broken, among other injuries, police said.”

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