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WATCH: Pro-Life Leader Lila Rose STUNS At U.N. In Fiery Exchange: Right ‘To Choose What?’

Late last month, Live Action founder and prominent pro-life leader Lila Rose spoke at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. In an exchange with Valentine Camano, a U.N. youth representative from Mexico, Rose deconstructed commonly used euphemisms used to “mask” abortion and refuted the notion that abortion is compatible at all with women’s empowerment.

“In most developing countries — I’m from Mexico — abortion is considered taboo,” Camano addressed Rose. “Not only in Latin America and the Carribean, and also in some developing countries. How can we engage this sensitive topic? We have to also consider women’s right to choice. It’s considered a right to health, to our own bodies.”

Seeking advice from the United States on how to spread women’s “choice,” Camano directly asked: “How can we learn in the educational system of these countries to promote health education for women’s rights?”

Rose responded, “You said, ‘What about a woman’s right to choose?’ And my answer is: To choose what? What are they choosing? What does an abortion do?”

“We use these phrases and these words — and these were invented carefully to mislead people,” the pro-life advocate explained.

“These terms,” she said, such as “reproductive justice,” are used “as a mask for abortion; ‘choice’ as a mask for abortion.”

“To choose what?” Rose continued. “If everybody here agrees, and I think they do, that it is never right to intentionally take an innocent human life, it’s never right to intentionally take an innocent human life. And if we know there is a life in the womb, and he or she is innocent, and an abortion intentionally ends her life, then it is never right to commit an abortion.”

“This is not women’s empowerment,” she emphasized.

“We need to change the way we are looking at this entirely, and not look down on countries that have laws against abortion, but instead look to them,” she contended.

“I wish the United States was more advanced and more protective of life like Mexico — [they have] more protections than we do here. We don’t even ban sex-selective abortions. You can kill a girl just because she’s a girl in the United States. You can kill a baby through all nine months in the United States.”

“That’s ‘choice.’ No, that’s ending the ending of a life. That’s murder,” Rose asserted.

Ann Kioko, campaigns manager for Africa at CitizenGO, echoed the same about a so-called “women’s right to choose.”

“When you come to my village and you tell a woman that they should have a right to choose killing their own baby, they will be surprised, because in my village, a child is a blessing,” Kioko told the panel.

“At the end of the day, when you say, ‘it’s a choice,’ — it’s a choice to do what? To kill an unborn baby — a pre-born baby. To take her life. It’s plainly murder. That’s all I can say,” she added.


See full remarks from Rose, below:

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