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WATCH: President Trump Proposes Creating A ‘Space Force’

By  Emily Zanotti

President Donald Trump, speaking at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, California, proposed creating a “Space Force” to handle the Final Frontier.

The new “Space Force” would protect the United States’ investment in the long-term achievements of our space program, Trump said, under the theory that space is a “war-fighting domain” that requires prepared soldiers.

“My new national strategy for space recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air and sea. We may even have a ‘Space Force,'” the president said.

“We may even have a Space Force, develop another one. We have the Air Force, we’ll have the Space Force. We have the Army,” he added. “We should have a new force called the Space Force. It’s like the Army and the Navy, but for space, because we’re spending a lot of money on space. I said maybe we need a new force, I was not really serious, then I said ‘what a great idea.’ Maybe we’ll have to do that.”

Theoretically, such a force would likely be under the purview of the United States Air Force, as part of the Air Force Space Command, which trains American astronauts. The Air Force has, it seems, routinely rejected splitting the Space Force off as its own entity. In fact, both the Air Force and Department of Defense Secretary Gen. Mattis killed a Congressional effort to create a “Military Space Corps” just last year.

Trump, however, seems to envision his Space Force as a fully independent organization — that is, if he’s thought that far about its internal structure.

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