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WATCH: Powerful Video About ‘Another Day In Trump’s America’ Goes Viral. But It’s Not What You Think.

A video titled “Another Day In Trump’s America” posted to YouTube in March 20 has gone viral — but the video is not what you think. And that’s kind of the point.

Video creator Paul Martinez throws a gut-punch to the mainstream media for running with unvetted and out-of-context video clips to help push a narrative that he says fuels division. As touched on in the video, such reckless anti-Trump enthusiasm was illustrated in the mainstream media’s potentially libelous coverage of the Covington Catholic High School hoax.

The video beings with a young woman peeking outside her window to witness a “MAGA” hat-wearing white man chasing her black Uber diver’s car out of their neighborhood, or so she thinks. After she mutes the volume to her TV, which is playing MSNBC coverage of the infamous Covington hoax, the young woman posts about the deplorable Trump supporter to social media. Naturally, it instantly goes viral with the help of the media and hate for the “MAGA” hat-wearing man and others like him rolls in.

But nearing the end of the video, you see the full context of the viral clip the woman took: The Trump supporter was not chasing the black Uber driver out of their neighborhood. Instead, the man got out of his bed when he heard the man’s vehicle struggle to break loose from a snowbank. After he heads outside and pushes the Uber driver’s car free, he yells to the man to “keep on driving” — which was the only portion of the situation the young woman captured on tape.

“I made this video to show people that the world we are living in, the real world, is a much better place than the online world we get so caught up in everyday,” Martinez told The Daily Wire on Friday.

“We all need to realize that media, whether it be social media or the news media, they are not our friend,” he continued. “There is big business in dividing us up, putting us in little groups by age, race, sex, religion, and politics.” The mainstream media’s “goal is to incite us to fight each other,” he added.

Including himself in the equation, the video creator said we all could benefit if we “put the phone down, turned the TV off, and spent time with our neighbors. I think you will find the world is a much friendlier place than we are led to believe.”

Martinez also told The Daily Wire that he believes his video is being censored by big tech companies, such as YouTube. “You can copy and paste the title of the video in YouTube and it doesn’t show up the results,” he said.

When The Daily Wire tested this, Martinez’s video did not show up among at least the first 200 videos of results; and all those videos had similar but differing headlines. Some of the other videos to show up under Martinez’s title search were: “Trump: America’s First ‘Racist Grandpa’ President,” from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”; “President Trump’s ‘America First’ Policy Comes With A Cost,” from CNBC; and “Hate in Trump’s America,” posted by “Al Jazeera English.”

However, Martinez’s video did show up some 27 videos down from a different provider who presumably ripped the video from the creator’s social media account. Notably, that video was only posted 20 hours ago, meaning YouTube has yet to find and bury it as they apparently did to Martinez’s.

Over on Twitter, the creator said, the video was “flagged” as “sensitive content.”

“You have to change your settings to view it,” he told The Daily Wire. “Twitter also completely blacklisted my name from search results.”

When “Paul Martinez” is typed into the Twitter search bar, his account does not show up, The Daily Wire confirmed.

“But why? For them, divisive and hateful content helps polarize people and that’s what they want,” he explained. “I make a positive video about not rushing to judgement, that people in real life are genuinely good, to always help one another, and that don’t just say Make America Great Again but to go out and make it better yourself every day.”

“To them, a message of unity is more dangerous than anything else, and their censorship is showing it,” he added. “If we don’t reign in big tech and its Orwellian thought policing, we will be doomed.”


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