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WATCH: Planned Parenthood Security Guard Pushes Journalist; Police Report Filed
Video of an alleged security guard working for a Planned Parenthood executive laying hands on journalist Phelim McAleer.
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In a moment caught on video Tuesday, a man who appeared to be serving as a security guard for a Planned Parenthood doctor repeatedly pushed a journalist reporting on the abortion giant’s lawsuit against pro-life activist David Daleiden. The journalist, Phelim McAleer, who has been reporting on the trial for The Daily Wire, has filed a police report on the incident.

The confrontation took place outside of the San Francisco Court House after Dr. Mary Gatter finished giving evidence in Planned Parenthood’s suit against Dalieden, who famously released a series of undercover videos on the abortion provider’s involvement in the fetal tissue, or “baby body parts,” business.

Dalieden and his associates secretly filmed Gatter haggling over prices for fetal remains to be provided by Planned Parenthood to a fake company established by the activist journalists. During their secretly taped conversation, Gatter joked that she wanted enough profit from the deal to buy “a Lamborghini.” She also complained when Dalieden suggested the price of $50 per fetal tissue specimen, which Gatter described as “on the low end … $50 was like 12 years ago.”

Gatter was also caught on tape suggesting the company might consider using “less crunchy” methods of extracting aborted fetal remains to keep them more “whole,” and thus more valuable.

“Write me a three to four paragraph proposal, which I will then take to Laurel and the organization to see if we want to proceed with this,” Gatter says in Dalieden’s recording. “And, then, if we want to pursue this, mutually, I’ll mention this to Ian and see how he feels about using a ‘less crunchy’ technique to get more whole specimens.”

Outside the courthouse Tuesday, while Dr. Gatter and her associates made their way from the court house to a black SUV waiting on the side of the street, McAleer attempted to get the doctor to answer questions related to the comments she made  featured in the exposé videos.

“Did you ever get your Lamborghini?” he asked. “In the tape you said you asked surgeons to change the method of abortion. Is that legal or ethical?” asked McAleer, who underscores in his follow-up comments that altering surgical techniques for profit is illegal.

As shown in the footage below, when McAleer attempts to get some responses from Gatter, a man who appears to be her security guard shoves the journalist repeatedly in an attempt to get him out of the way of Gatter and another associate.

“You’re assaulting me!” McAleer responds. “Take your hands off me! Take your hands off me!”

Her security guard “assaulted me several times,” McAleer says in his follow-up comments, telling The Daily Wire that the guard “jabbed me three times to prevent me from asking questions.”



Before Gatter gave her testimony Tuesday, The Daily Wire has learned that Planned Parenthood’s lawyers had privately written to the judge looking for their witnesses to be escorted by officers from the U.S. Marshal’s Office in the courthouse to avoid journalists’ questions. The abortion giant’s lawyers said two other Planned Parenthood executives had been questioned by a journalist, an apparent reference to questions asked by McAleer last week. They told the judge they had not filed the request for protection through the standard courthouse filing system because they did not want the publicity it would attract. They added that Planned Parenthood’s security team were retired police officers who were armed and could not enter the courthouse.

Daleiden’s lawyers said they were objecting to the request because it could give the jury the impression that Planned Parenthood had incurred extra security issues in a trial where they were denying that any security issues existed. The lawyer added that it was clear from the previous videos, where Dr. Leslie Drummond Hay and Sherrie Bonner were questioned by McAleer, that the journalist was “persistent as journalists often are,” but that the only security incident seemed to come from Planned Parenthood when the security officer appeared to mishandle the journalist.

The lawyer was referring to a video released Monday where the the organization’s Security Officer pushed Phelim McAleer while he was trying to question Planned Parenthood CEO Sherri Bonner.

Planned Parenthood is suing Dalieden for what has been limited to $600,000 by a judge for alleged fraud and trespass against Dalieden and his associates, claiming that he filmed the organization’s executives illegally by failing to get their permission and fraudulently set up a fake company for the sting operation. Daleiden maintains that he is protected under California laws allowing for such journalistic practices when used to prevent a felony assault on someone.

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