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WATCH: MRC President: CNN’s Coverage Of Trump Tower Meeting Isn’t Just ‘Biased’ News, It’s ‘Fake News’

By  Jacob Airey

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell told Fox Business host Liz MacDonald on Wednesday that CNN’s much-criticized coverage of the infamous Trump Tower meeting, where Don Jr. met with a Russian national, is crossing out of “bias news” and into “fake news.”

“Bias is a story that has a slant to it. A false story is a story that you got wrong,” explained Bozell. “A fake story is a story that you know is false and you’re deliberately putting it forward, and this is fake news. You got a situation where either Michael Cohen was lying under oath, or he wasn’t saying, his spokesman wasn’t saying, telling the truth when he said that Trump knew about this meeting. Well, now you have got Michael Cohen’s own spokesman, his lawyer, coming forward and saying publicly, no it is not true that this story is not true. My client did not say this, he does not know this, and when CNN stands by this report, this blockbuster report.”

Bozell also had a few choice words for the original article’s writer Carl Bernstein, who he said should be labeled either “an embarrassment or a disgrace.”

“I should label him an embarrassment or disgrace to his profession,” he said. “This guy is trying to relive Watergate. He’s trying to use the same buzzwords, cover-up and everything else, trying to say, you know, “Look at me, look at me.” One more shot at fame. He got it wrong. Not only did he get it wrong, he got it deliberately wrong. And why do I say deliberately? Because he’s made no effort to come clean and acknowledge he got it wrong.”

“He is standing by a lie,” Bozell continued. “CNN is nationally lying to the American people.”


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