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WATCH: ‘Morning Joe’ Compares Trump To ISIS, Claims ‘Blood’ On Trump’s ‘Hands’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough tried to pin the recent tragic attack on the synagogue in California on President Donald Trump on Monday by comparing the president to ISIS and al-Qaeda.

“A spate of shootings during the Trump administration, inspired white nationalists, inspired by different events, but it all seems to come back to the same theme, and that is, again, hatred for Jews, hatred for blacks, hatred for others,” Scarborough said in a clip flagged by NewsBusters. “And you can go all the way back to Charlottesville.”

“And the Trump administration’s doing nothing about it. You look at the former coast guard member who had a kill list of media members, but also the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Minority Leader of the Senate, Democratic presidential candidates,” Scarborough continued. “This was a guy that had a kill list, he had a manifesto, he was inspired by a Norwegian mass murderer, a white nationalist who killed over 70 people, slaughtered dozens and dozens of children at a day camp.”

Scarborough then falsely claimed that “Donald Trump and Attorney General Barr and the Trump Justice Department let [the suspected terrorist] walk.”

MSNBC contributor Chris Watts then made the absurd comparison between Trump and Islamic terrorist organizations.

“If you took a lot of the statements by politicians right now in this country and you compare them to what Al Qaeda or ISIS clerics said that inspired attacks around the world over the last decade, they would look remarkably similar,” Watts said. “This is incitement to violence in many cases.”


“Well, you know, we’ve been saying for several years now that Donald Trump’s words have consequences. And if you look at the manifesto that was written by the Christchurch mass murderer,” Scarborough said. “If you look at the other white nationalists, if you look at what David Duke said after Charlottesville, this is a little game that Donald Trump thinks he’s playing. He may say, ‘Oh, I distanced myself from white nationalists.’ Did you really?”

“We are so far beyond dog whistles here, Donald. We are so far beyond dog whistles. The blood, the blood that is spilled, is on your hands,” Scarborough claimed without evidence. “From white nationalists, from people who listen to that sort of rhetoric, any violence to journalists. ‘Enemy of the people,’ the kill lists. Yes, let’s go back to the kill list. Your Justice Department let somebody that has a manifesto inspired by white nationalist killers, including a guy that slaughtered over 68 children, your attorney general and you let that person walk. No, we are so past dog whistles now, Donald. You are just inciting violence. It’s just – it’s just obvious. And that speech was every bit as obvious as those, quote, ‘second amendment solutions’ that you talked about, and the killing of Hillary Clinton to stop her from ever being able to appoint federal judges. And yes, we called it out then, I wrote an op/ed in the Washington Post talking about how horrific and how disqualifying it was. We are calling it out now. You are unfit to the be President of the United States.”

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