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WATCH: McConnell Mocks Democrats Over Supreme Court Hysteria

By  Ryan

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell mocked Democrats during a speech on the Senate floor on Monday, saying that “it’s hard to keep a straight face” with much of the rhetoric coming from the political Left.

The Kentucky Republican took a shot at Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA), without naming him, for putting out a press release saying that he would not support whomever the president selected, the Free Beacon reported.

“It’s hard to keep a straight face when you hear stuff like that,” McConnell said. “There’s not even a nominee yet. Justice Kennedy just announced his retirement, and they’re talking about the destruction of the Constitution? Please, give the American people some credit.”

“This far-left rhetoric comes out every single time, but the Apocalypse never comes,” McConnell continued. “Americans see beyond this kind of far-left mongering. This kind of fear-mongering they tried over and over again for 40 years.”

“Senators should do the same,” McConnell said. “We should evaluate this president’s nominee fairly, based on his or her qualifications.”


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