WATCH: Kavanaugh’s Impassioned Rebuttal To Accusations Of Sexual Abuse May Have Just Saved His Nomination


On Thursday morning, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford gave testimony stating that Judge Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her 36 years ago. Her testimony was emotionally compelling. It also lacked any shred of corroborative evidence, and had been contradicted by testimony from witnesses Ford named. It appeared, as I wrote earlier, that Kavanaugh’s nomination was on the ropes — he was being asked to prove a negative, based not on lack of evidence, but on the basis of emotional resonance.

But Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony this afternoon in the Senate Judiciary Committee changed the game — and so did the Left’s pathetic response to that testimony.

Kavanaugh’s performance in his Senate Judiciary Committee hearings was cool and collected. His performance on Martha MacCallum’s Fox News show, in which he denied all Ford’s allegations, came off as detached.

Not so on Thursday. On Thursday, Kavanaugh unleashed on Senate Democrats and their media enablers, defending his innocence and his character. He cited evidence, background, and character in his defense — and he laid bare the political gamesmanship of the Democrats (full video below).

Kavanaugh began with justified and righteous anger. Nothing less would have been appropriate. This is a distinguished man who has now been labeled an attempted rapist by the media based on Ford’s allegations, and who has been smeared with several other uncorroborated and evidence-free allegations, including one from the lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels. He is fighting not only for a Supreme Court seat but for his honor.

But anger, in the view of Democrats, was inappropriate and indeed, disqualifying. This is the highest form of gaslighting: calling a man a sex criminal and then yelling at him when he angrily defends himself.

And then there were the alleged journalists and Leftist opinion writers, demonstrating their bias and animus:

This is absurd nonsense. A wronged man would be angry. Anything less would not comport with Kavanaugh’s account.

Kavanaugh was on the verge of tears nearly every time he mentioned his family — as he should be. And by wearing his heart on his sleeve, Kavanaugh may have just saved not just his nomination, but his reputation.

Here’s the full video of Kavanaugh’s powerful opening statement: