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WATCH: Fox News Panel Reacts To Sarah Sanders Being Kicked Out Of Restaurant

On Saturday, a panel on Fox News reacted to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ tweet about being kicked out of a restaurant.

For reference, here’s the tweet:

Host Neil Cavuto got the reactions of National Review’s Katherine Timpf, Trump 2020 campaign advisor Harlan Hill, and progressive journalist Cathy Areu.

CAVUTO: Kat, to you. What do you think of the Sarah Sanders thing? We don’t know much more than what’s she’s relaying, but the proprietor there saying, get out.

TIMPF: I think that that’s really immature and really stupid. I think that if you want, you can disagree with some of President Trump’s policies, you can disagree with how Sarah Sanders does her job, but if you have a different view of the way things should be done – just so you know, just FYI – you’re not actually accomplishing anything by kicking someone out of a restaurant. You’re just being petty.

Cavuto then turned to Hill:

HILL: Well, it’s just another example of how intolerant we’ve become as a society. You see it on a lot of the different networks, how you don’t have a variety of opinions – and there’s this hesitance in American society now on both sides. If there’s somebody at the table with a different opinion to your own, not only do you not want to engage in a conversation with them, you want to shut them down. We see this on college campuses, too. This is just another example of it. …It’s incredibly embarrassing.

Lastly, Cavuto asked Areu her opinion:

AREU: No, that’s just wrong. You may not agree with someone politically, but you don’t do that. It’s become like a reality TV world. People think that they have to act outlandishly. …She was a customer; she was supporting the restaurant, and then they kicked her – I’m completely against that.

Here’s the video (pertinent portion begins at the 18:09 mark):

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