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WATCH: Feminist’s Song Mocking Idea That It’s A ‘Scary Time For Boys’ Goes Viral. Here’s The Problem.

By  Amanda

Feminists and their allies in the liberal media are having a group orgasm over a woman’s viral song mocking the notion that it’s a “scary time for boys” — a reference to the fears some, including President Donald Trump, expressed during the circus-like confirmation process of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a man slandered as a gang rapist without so much as a shred of evidence or corroboration for seeming political gain.

Lynzy Lab, who teaches dance at Texas State University, created the No-I’m-A-Victim! rant in song form and posted it to social media and YouTube. It quickly went viral, racking up millions upon millions of views and grabbing the attention of celebrities like actor Mark Ruffalo.

But the tune is idiotic, albeit catchy.

Lab sings about all the things women “can’t” do in America, 2018, such as live in an apartment on the first floor, make men feel invalid, open their windows when they’re home alone, or wear a mini-skirt “if it’s the only one I own.”

If you haven’t figured it out yet, women can do all those things. In fact, women have more rights now, in America, than anywhere else at any other time in history.

Additionally, and more importantly, the lyrics purposefully obfuscate from the real concern they are mocking, which is the danger of creating a culture that tramples the spirit of due process. Instead, the lyrics suggest that men are fretting about no longer being able to sexually assault women whenever they want without consequence. For example, Lab sings, “It’s really tough when your reputation is on the line and any women you’ve assaulted could turn up at any time.”

No one on the Right is downplaying the horror of sexual assault as Lab suggests. Actually, on the contrary, liberal meccas like Hollywood have been found to be rife with sexual misconduct, leftist outlets have tried to normalize pedophilia, and the liberal media recently ran interference for Pope Francis regarding his handling of clergy members’ alleged pedophilia because they like his leftist politics.

The concern, again, is that we’re allowing #MeToo hysteria to victimize innocent men on college campuses and enable partisans looking to persecute their political opponents with falsehoods.


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