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WATCH: Ex-Transgender Shares Powerful Testimony: I’m Following Jesus Now

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Jeffrey McCall was on the verge of suicide and spent years living his life as a transgender woman. Then he found God, and everything changed.

Over the weekend, McCall shared his testimony with an audience at the Washington, D.C.-based Freedom March, a march he organized as a celebration of former LGBT folks breaking from such lifestyles. McCall spent years living as a transgender woman named Scarlett before he found God and his whole life changed.

McCall told the crowd that he was living as a trans women, seeing a psychiatrist, and seriously thinking about undergoing surgery to “transition” into a woman.

“And then there was one night I was secretly listening to a preacher named [inaudible] in my apartment,” continued McCall. “I called out to the Lord, and asked, ‘Will I ever live for you? … I’ve seen real people live for you, not just going to church; they have relationships with you, and they have peace and joy.”

“I had wanted to kill myself,” he recalled.

McCall debunked the leftist framing of the march, which often insinuates that so-called “conversion therapy” is advocated. “I wasn’t in conversion therapy,” he said. “I was spiritually bankrupt; I was destitute. And I was being convicted by the Holy Spirit.”

Moved, but still sometimes “doing what I wanted to,” McCall finally accepted God into his life.

He told God, “If I follow you, it will be all the way. I don’t do things half-way. I didn’t do things half-way in the world; I’m not going to do things half-way with you,” McCall said, noting that he even did “ABC interviews” pushing transgenderism.

“And, so, I took all my life as Scarlett and I went to a dumpster and threw it all away — the clothes, the hair, the make-up, the jewelry, the shoes, my whole identity — I threw it away to follow Jesus,” he said.

“He is everything to me,” McCall said of the Lord, adding, “Every single person here was set free.”

“I thank you that the lies and deception that have been placed on our country are about to begin to break,” he ended in prayer, according to FaithWire. “Lives will be transformed today. People will see, through the telling of our stories, the power of the Gospel, the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.”

The Freedom March, according to their website, is a “celebration of freedom from homosexuality and transgenderism.” Voice of the Voiceless co-founder Christopher Doyle, who teamed up with Freedom March, echoed the sentiment, telling NBC News that the event is “about celebrating our lives and not hating the LGBTQ movement.”

“We made a conscious choice to leave homosexuality, and we should be able to do that without being mocked,” said Doyle.

A Pulse nightclub survivor, Luis Javier Ruiz, was advertised to speak at the event, though it is unclear if he did so. Ruiz accepted God into his life and turned from homosexuality after surviving the Islamic terror attack, he claims.

“The enemy had its grip, and now God has taken me from that moment and has given me Christ Jesus,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “I know who I am and I am not defined with who the enemy says I use to be – but who Christ Jesus says I am,” he added.


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