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WATCH: Elderly Woman Who Was Harassed By Antifa Speaks Out

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo
Anti-fascist protestors gather as right-wing rally organizer, Patriot Prayer founder and Republican Senate candidate Joey Gibson speaks during a campaign rally for Gibson in Portland, Oregon, August 4, 2018.

Over the weekend, an elderly couple was harassed and blocked from crossing the street by far-left Antifa protestors outside a college in Canada. 

The Daily Wire’s Paul Bois reported on the incident:

In the video, which sparked massive outrage online, an elderly woman with a rolling walker can be seen trying to cross a street alongside her husband as a horde of Antifa thugs repeatedly shout, “Nazi scum off our streets.” At one point, when the husband tries to reason with a female member of Antifa, she immediately shouts back, “Don’t you f***ing touch me.”

The incident unfolded outside Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario on Sunday, which was hosting an event featuring commentator Dave Rubin and founder of the right-leaning People’s Party of Canada, MP Maxime Bernier.


The woman who was harassed by the left-wing activists delivered a simple but vital message of her own this week. “Free speech is the cornerstone of our democracy,” she said. “And can never, and will never be denied.” 


Journalist Andy Ngo, who has extensively covered violent Antifa protests in Portland, Oregon, reported Wednesday that one of the men who harassed the elderly woman has been identified as Alaa Soufi DaLua. 

“Intelligence group [Exeintel] reports that one of the masked antifa militants who harassed the elderly woman with the walker is Alaa Soufi DaLua. I can confirm that I independently verified this as well. DeLua is a Syrian man who settled in Canada,” Ngo reported. 

Ngo himself was a victim of Antifa antics; the journalist suffered a brain bleed after an attack from masked members of the organization in June. The video of the attack showed that Ngo was kicked, punched, and had “milkshakes” thrown on him by the left-wing thugs. According to Portland Police, some of the milkshakes being tossed by Antifa possibly contained quick-dry cement.

On August 10, Ngo said that not a single one of his attackers had been arrested. 

“I was beaten on the head & robbed on 29 June. Antifa then continued to hurl ‘milkshakes’ at my bleeding face. I was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage. There still hasn’t been a single arrest by [Portland Police],” he wrote, captioning a video of the attack.


Ngo’s lawyer Harmeet Dhillon blasted the extremist group online soon following the attack and warned of a lawsuit. 

“Goodnight everyone except Antifa criminals who I plan to sue into oblivion and then sow salt into their yoga studios and avocado toast stands until nothing grows there, not even the glimmer of a violent criminal conspiracy aided by the effete impotence of a cowed city government,” Dhillon tweeted. “He is being admitted to the hospital overnight as a result of a brain bleed. You sick ‘journalists’ and other hacks gloating about this should be ashamed.”

As noted by The Daily Wire earlier this week, the mainstream media have been largely quiet about Antifa’s violent antics, framing them as forced against “fascists.” 

“The media, other than CNN’s Brian Stelter, largely remained silent after the attack, as well as the 2020 Democratic Party candidates. Prior to that, some members of the media, like CNN’s Chris Cuomo, even painted Antifa in a positive light.  Cuomo famously said that they were ‘fighting against hate,'” Bois highlighted. 

“Fighting against hate matters,” Cuomo continued. “I argue to you tonight, all punches are not equal morally. In the eyes of the law, yes. But in the eyes of good and evil, here’s the argument: if you’re a punk that comes to start trouble in a mask and hurt people, you’re not about any virtuous cause. You’re just somebody who’s going to be held to the standard of doing something wrong.”


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