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WATCH: CNN Panics After Jeopardy Contestants Miss Russia Investigation Question

By  Ryan

CNN host John King became worried on Friday about the focus of the American people after Jeopardy contestants could not correctly answer a question on the game show about the Russia investigation, which CNN has relentlessly pushed from day one.

“Only the smartest of the smart get to be on Jeopardy, right?” King asked, The Washington Free Beacon reported. “So what does this little exchange last night say about the nation’s focus, or lack thereof, on the whole Mueller Russia meddling and collusion investigation?”

Two of the three contestants on the show incorrectly answered: “In 2017, this ex-National Security Adviser pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI?”

One contestant thought it was John Kelly while the other contestant who answered thought it was Sebastian Gorka.

The correct answer was Michael Flynn, whose tenure as National Security Adviser lasted under one month.


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